AC Series Air Cylinders

August 29,2018
AC Series Air Cylinders

AC Series Air Cylinders from Fujikura are uniquely constructed for abrasion-free, smooth movement that results in accurate and long-term operation.

A bed of air surrounds the piston rod and prevents contact with the air bearing. Operating with zero friction, the AC series achieves precise control. The AC series’ precise pressure control is not possible with conventional cylinders. The noncontact structure of the cylinder also eliminates dust generation for reduced wear.

Fujikura offers a wide range of cylinder sizes. Standard cylinder diameters range from 0.39 – 3.93 in. Standard strokes range from 0.79 – 6.30 in. Custom and larger cylinders are available on request and based on customer requirements. To meet the confined space demands of one customer, the cylinder manufacturer even developed a D-shaped cylinder. AC series air bearings are made of metal material, but Fujikura can manufacture them using materials other than carbon as needed. Orders in quantities as few as one cylinder are accepted.

AC series cylinders operate with extremely low hysteresis. Single action (push) and double action styles are available. Working temperatures range from 32 – 140º F and working pressure ranges from 1.5 – 87 psi.

Applications include polishing machines, surface mounting equipment, high precision machines and other equipment that requires precision tension control.

Related Glossary Terms

  • polishing


    Abrasive process that improves surface finish and blends contours. Abrasive particles attached to a flexible backing abrade the workpiece.