1-3/8” PMIN Power Series Field Wireable Connectors 

May 01, 2021
PMIN Power Series is Completely Modular

For delivering versatility, flexibility, and optimum conductivity, Mencom offers our new 1 3/8” PMIN Power Series Field Wireable Circular Connectors.

Mencom power series provides a cost-effective and time-efficient plug-and-play solution for your industrial motor, machine, and power distribution applications. The versatility of the new 1 3/8” PMIN field wireable connectors provide a quick-disconnect solution for easy installation and maintenance of equipment.  

Mencom’s new field wireable connectors are UL listed and provide IP69 protection. They are available in 3-pole and 4-pole with straight and right-angle orientations. Mencom is the industry's first electrical connector manufacturer to design and produce a right-angled version of the 1 3/8" field wireable connector. The right-angle profile is lower than the typical bend radius needed to mount a straight cable, providing a big advantage when installation space is limited.  Also, it removes undesirable cable strain caused by bending cables to fit in tight spaces.

The Mencom PMIN Power series is completely modular, which means the user can mix and match assorted parts on the installation. This reduces installation time and the need for specialized tools or labor that is typically used for traditional conduit or raceway installations. The result is faster, easier, and more reliable than hardwiring, and offers attractive overall cost savings for the installation.


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