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The rise of electrification is happening more widely and suddenly than anyone expected, both for automobiles and for other types of electric vehicles (EVs). A new all-directional tooling method, combined with the next-generation CoroTurn Prime B-type insert from Sandvik Coromant, holds the answer.
Connected worker technology is revolutionizing asset management. Maintenance teams are using various solutions to streamline both routine and complex maintenance tasks.
To become the go-to calibration service provider to customers, KES Machine LLC expanded its relationship with global engineering technologies company Renishaw. The investment in Renishaw's XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrators enhanced KES' services, allowing it to quickly obtain accurate data and provide high-quality calibration and probing services.
Different types of CNC machines will appear in smart factories. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading and updating your machines.
A network of contract manufacturers enables IMI Critical and Velo3D to print the same certified part in six locations and three different countries.
Companies continue to face unprecedented workforce challenges. In the manufacturing sector, meeting the demand to find, recruit, develop and retain qualified, skilled employees has become a business imperative that requires a holistic, highly strategic approach to workforce development.
Bharat Gears Ltd., one of India’s largest manufacturers of quality gears, has successfully retrofitted a Reishauer RZ361A gear grinding machine with an advanced NUM Flexium+68 CNC system.
Building a smart factory requires a smart approach. Over the past decade, new technologies have increasingly permeated the factory floor. Automation, always a part of manufacturing, has quickly escalated thanks to ever-increasing computer processing power and data storage.
Mikron Tool recently announced a change in leadership with Markus Schnyder, the long-standing chief operating officer of Mikron Switzerland AG, Division Tool, handing the reins to Elio Lupica to continue the company's exceptional market performance in recent years. In the following Q&A, Lupica shares some optimistic views for what comes next.
The International Federation of Robotics published the updated report “World Robotics R&D Programs."
AMF clamping technology supports production at a pioneering Hungarian supplier.
Fine boring, rough machining, large-diameter boring — no matter the type of application, it is key to get the most from boring tools. Hole-finishing applications, whether at a job shop or a high-production environment, require precision. Here are ways to get the most out of your boring tools.
Hear from Sandvik Coromant’s president on this International Women’s Day, which this year follows the theme of embracing equity — focusing on giving fair opportunities for everyone to succeed.
The Dudley, United Kingdom, factory of The Timken Co. supplies engineered bearings to a multitude of industries, including mining, food and beverage, pulp and paper, cement, marine and wastewater. Recently, there has been a significant increase in demand for larger bearings. To enable the company to inspect these larger bearings, Timken purchased an AlteraM 15.12.10 ceramic bridge coordinate measuring machine.
March is Ladder Safety Month. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ladder deaths accounted for 161 on-the-job fatalities in 2020, the most recent year for which statistics are available.
Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) products are widely used in industry for their superior abrasion resistance and longevity when machining non-ferrous materials.
Through a partnership with Siemens, machine tool builder DMG Mori offers an entry-level, compact machine that works a 440-pound steel workpiece into a rock bit with better tool life, a higher degree of accuracy and higher overall production efficiencies.
Manufacturers and industry professionals are concerned about rates, inflation and a possible recession. Here are best practices for borrowing in 2023.
While shops can perform rotating-workpiece deep-hole drilling on a turning machine, a dedicated deep-hole drilling machine using what’s known as counter-rotation will net much better results.
To update more than 60 members of the press from across the globe about Studer's business activities and new developments, the company hosted Motion Meeting Expedition 2023 on Feb. 10 at its headquarters.


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