Marposs offers remote video testing service

November 23, 2020 - 05:45am

Marposs' remote testing and acceptance serviceMarposs, a supplier of measurement, inspection and test technologies, has launched a real-time remote testing and acceptance service. Marposs is enabling customers to participate in live testing, review and acceptance of machines, gages and applications without having to travel.

Tests for North American customers are run at Marposs’ Technology Labs in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Fremont, California, or at headquarters in Europe. The sessions are livestreamed through the Zoom Conference platform, and are supported by video cameras and wireless equipment. Customers can provide immediate feedback and any requested alterations can be made in real-time.

To see a video of this service, visit Marposs’ Youtube channel at

For more information on this service, or other Marposs’ offerings, phone 248-370-0404 or visit

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