Industry News for 12/2022

safety training
Do you have safety resolutions for the new year? If so, we have some advice for you.
A new cooling system for press tools, developed by AP&T, has reduced the cycle times substantially.
How can you get the most out of an existing press-hardening line? According to AP&T, a company that develops high-performing production solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, when updating a press-hardening line there is significant potential to shorten cycle times and increase production.
Helping stressed out managers
Magid wants to help the industrial workforce battle stress, which costs U.S. industries $300 billion a year.
TJ Grinding currently operates 10 ANCA tool grinding machines, 9 of which operate with robotics.
Shortly after Mike Winters started his company in his garage on Nov. 10, 1982, first as Winters Carbide Tools and now TJ Grinding, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he had the good fortune of being at a K.O. Lee facility in South Dakota and saw an interesting piece of equipment -- the FastGrind TG4 from an Australian company called ANCA.