Industry News for 07/2022

Mikrosan has the right twist
Mikrosan has a complete manufacturing process chain. Its core competence is the manufacturing of all the screws and barrels in-house, as customer requirements can be better fulfilled.
DCM PDF full enclosure closeup
Advanced rotary surface grinders speed maintenance, extend tool life, and decrease press downtime compared to traditional, labor-intensive grinding methods.
Robotic cell
Figuring out how to meet rising production demand can be deceptive. On the surface, it’s a simple math problem. If you have one machine on the floor and it makes eight parts per day, and you need to produce 16 parts per day, just add another machine, right?
Lund University
Rachid M'Saoubi’s role within Seco Tools as senior research and development expert might sound complex, but for him, it’s about building bridges between the academic world and the needs of Seco Tools and its customers to help them stay competitive and thrive.
Hip implant
Orthopedic hip surgery numbers are forecast to increase at a rate of 5% year-to-year until 2026, and with this trend, an increased demand for tools and components to support these procedures will emerge.
Filter and mesh
Leading European photochemical etching specialist micrometal GmbH (incorporating HP Etch and Etchform) has perfected using the PCE process for the production of ultraprecise metal parts and components.
XPL-24-16 002-5x3
The paper serves as a guide to improving safety, speed and efficiency on cutting and burn tables.
Vecoplan supplies outstanding machine and plant technology for the economical processing of residual materials and waste for the purposes of material and thermal recycling. A new turning machine has cut machining time in half.
Minimize set-up times with AMF zero-point clamping technology: At MT-Technologies, the workpiece is  clamped in just a few simple steps for five-sided machining.
Long before a new car model hits the streets, you could already touch it at MT Technologies -– if everything were not so top secret. The model maker manufactures entire vehicles as a reference and test models made of aluminum for numerous OEMs.
HxGN Live
More than 3,000 Hexagon AB customers, partners and colleagues, as well as members of the media, attended the Stockholm, Sweden-headquartered company’s HxGN LIVE Global 2022 conference at The Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas June 20-23.