Industry News for 07/2019

Cole Technologies Inc., Columbus, Indiana, is a certified Universal Robots system integrator that supplies automation systems specializing in pick-and-place, deburring and plastic part trimming applications. One recent project involved the deflashing of molded parts where a more accurate robot path was deemed necessary.
When SPR Machine wanted to optimize the production of a part recently converted from 12L14 steel to brass, the Copper Development Association had the opportunity to help this Hamilton, Ohio-based shop get even more value out of the process. The experience reaffirmed yet again how productive and competitive shops can be when they leverage the high-speed machining capabilities of brass.
The concept of cloud computing has been around for decades. And it was originally derived from the flow charts and diagrams used to envision the early foundations of the internet. Even then, the concept of linking many devices as an accumulation of computing resources with increased analytical power was seen as valuable.
Panel building on machine tools is no longer as simple as wiring a few components and calling it a day. Now, there are more deadlines, cost pressures, standards, new directives, plus an increasing pressure to innovate. Besides commonly encountered problems related to time, cost, compliance and quality, there is also an increased degree of automation in the pre-fabrication of cables and the automated production of sheet metal parts.
The Hypertherm Owners’ Philanthropic Endeavors (HOPE) Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) organization, is partnering with the Institute of American Apprenticeships at Vermont HITEC on a pilot program to teach software development to high school juniors and seniors.
Bridging the manufacturing skills gap calls for innovative training approaches to equip employees with the new technical skills they need to succeed in the industry. Simulation training is one approach that has the potential to recruit and onboard employees and provide them with the needed skills.
Local microfactories democratize innovation, making production more readily available to entrepreneurs, inventors and makers.
Swift work by NVision Inc. helped a major U.S. airline quickly repair a bird-damaged Boeing 737 wing and return the restored jet back to flight in just two days. The rapid turnaround helped the airline avoid the financial losses typically incurred by grounding aircraft.
MxD and AT&T announced they are working together to help accelerate the deployment of 5G to the U.S. manufacturing industry. AT&T is collaborating with MxD (Manufacturing times Digital) to install 5G technology and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) within MxD’s Chicago-based innovation center dedicated to advancing manufacturing innovation.
For years, collet-type toolholder assembly and setup have relied on cumbersome, error-prone manual methods that waste time and money. From a wall filled with adjustment charts, operators reference torque values based on specific collet series holders and tool diameters. Then they must locate the appropriate torque wrench, unlock it, set its torque level and re-lock it before tightening a toolholder’s collet retention nut. This complex procedure leaves many shops scrambling to regain precious lost production time – and often leads to inaccurate torque settings that can damage toolholders and, in some instances, impact workpiece precision negatively.
Two statistics seem unrelated but, taken together, say something significant about New York City’s future as an engine of opportunity, innovation and equity. The first is that manufacturing lost more jobs than initially estimated and now accounts for only 69,000 jobs in the city, or 1.5% of the total. The second is that information jobs grew by 6% to about 200,000.
Most CNC machine shops face the same problem: The programming office is backed up, so how can machine tools keep running? Wooster, Ohio-based NobleTek uses Vericut toolpath simulation and optimization software from CGTech Inc., Irvine, California, to ensure smooth operations and prevent late deliveries, lost productivity and unhappy customers.
Sandvik Coromant is strengthening its capabilities in digital manufacturing by signing a strategic research agreement with PARC, a Xerox company, world-renowned innovation center. PARC will provide Sandvik Coromant with a footprint in Silicon Valley and expert resources for R&D in the field of digital manufacturing.
umati - universal machine tool interface goes live at EMO Hannover 2019 from Sept. 16 to 21 with an exciting presentation. "Around 50 machine tool manufacturers from all over the world will be joining forces to show how umati makes machine data usable," says Dr. Alexander Broos, umati project manager and head of research and technology at the EMO organizer VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association). Trade show visitors will experience live the benefits the standardized interface offers.
No matter what kind of manufacturing facility I’m in, there’s one thing I hear over and over when I ask workers on the floor about indirect inventory: They want it available—no matter when, no matter how frequently or infrequently they need it.
ARCH Cutting Tools is facing the same talent shortage as the cutting tool industry overall, but the company is meeting the challenge with an aggressive workforce development strategy aimed at Millennials and Generation Z. In partnership with Delta College, ARCH Cutting Tools hosted an Introduction to Machine Tools Forum at its Flushing, Michigan, facility June 6 for five students interested in careers as machinists.