Industry News for 10/2017

We all know that as grinding wheels wear and get smaller, they eventually stub out, requiring replacement. But what really happens as they wear? Does performance change? Do wheels act or behave differently as they wear? Do we need to change the grinding or dress parameters throughout whel life to compensate for these changes?
Inaugural awards hosted by manufacturing innovation centers mHUB, UI LABS and IMEC celebrated region’s manufacturing innovation and leadership by recognizing the companies, products and initiatives driving a new revolution.
Midwest Industrial Tool Grinding Inc. (MITGI) has been named the winner of the Workforce Development Award, part of the 2017 Minnesota Business Manufacturing Awards. This award recognizes a Minnesota-based manufacturing company for innovation and excellence in talent recruitment, efforts to retain employees and enhancing the image of the industry.
Summit Partners of Boston and Menlo Park, Calif., has bought a majority investment in the privately held Harvey Performance Company, Rowley, Mass. Harvey makes specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications for the manufacturing and metalworking industries, including aerospace and defense, medical, automotive, industrial motors and telecommunications sectors. It consists of two brands, Harvey Tool based in Rowley, and Helical Solutions in Gorham, Maine.
A survey designed to assess manufacturers’ preparedness for Industry 4.0 changes polled 537 manufacturing executives across eight industry segments. The vast majority of manufacturers surveyed have recognized the need for industrial transformation, with most already taking action. Those that have done so say they are already seeing benefits as a result.
Thermal systems manufacturer Watlow has been working to bolster a shrinking manufacturing workforce in the US, and its efforts have been recognized. The Missouri Association of Manufacturers has awarded the company a Made in Missouri Leadership Award because of its support of STEM education, training programs and economic development initiatives.
At the BWM Group's engine plant in Steyr (Austria), in a reference project accompanied by the Technical University of Vienna, Ecoclean Monschau has significantly raised the energy efficiency of a flexible EcoCFlex Classic robot cell that had been in service for several years. The system's electric power and water consumption were each cut by around 30 percent. These energy efficiency measures are now intended to be implemented on another 95 systems of the same type installed at various sites throughout Europe and Asia.
Fabrication/manufacturing is a very discrete industry and is on a run to shift towards additive manufacturing instead of the conventional machining process. And as a result, 3D CAD sketching and modeling tools are accepted as the most lucid geometrical medium for design articulation. In the wake of this constant attraction of fabricators towards CAD, software companies have a line of CAD software modules floating in the markets.
Mitchell Metal Products, Merrill, Wis., has received the first National Reshoring Award in recognition of the company’s success bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. The award, given by The Reshoring Initiative and the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), honors a company that has effectively reshored products, parts or tooling made primarily by metal forming, fabricating or machining.
Most employers have effective programs for accommodating workers with disabilities, but they often overlook recruiting and training practices that could expand employment opportunities, according to a national survey.
We are using standard tap water for our coolant and because we were about to order more coolant, I glanced at the data sheets and they want the TDS below 100ppm. We are at 500. I know this can be a problem for coolants and has shown issue in the shop if the sumps sit for a while.
Vibration is a fact of life in almost every machining operation. Whether you’re milling, drilling, turning, or grinding, vibration can result in chatter that can ruin a part. Fighting chatter has generally been a matter of adding more mass to the machine, but if you’re clever about things, chatter reduction can be accomplished electronically, too.
International automotive technology, systems and components supplier DENSO, Southfield, Mich., is expanding its U.S. footprint with a $1 billion investment in its Maryville, Tenn. location. The investment is meant to significantly increase the role North America plays in the global trend toward vehicle safety and electrification, according to the company.
Most inspection-in-manufacturing features these days are about precision metrology equipment. This one is about people. More frequent rotation of (human) plant inspectors at medical device manufacturing facilities could benefit consumers and lead to fewer product recalls. That's the finding of a seven-year review of Food and Drug Administration inspections of and subsequent recalls at such facilities.
MC Machinery Systems Inc. hosted more than 1,000 customers, visitors and team members for the grand opening of its new headquarters in September. The event was one of the first opportunities for customers and partners to explore the 175,000-sq.-ft. facility, which includes a 50,000-sq.-ft. showroom among many other modern amenities.
"Both are used to achieve a smooth surface and precision dimensions on metal parts," writes MC's Joshua Jablons. "Both are usually performed at the end of the manufacturing process to remove a very small amount of material or finesse the finish on a part. The difference between honing and lapping begins to be revealed if we look at where on a part each process is performed: While honing is used where parts need a precise inside diameter, lapping is performed on an outside flat surface. And when we look at what each process is, the distinctions between the two are plain to see."
Jet Tool & Cutter launched in 1968 as a small cutter regrind shop, taking orders on paper and mailing quotes back to the customer. Since then, the bustling, growing firm has worked out the solution that allows it to quickly produce a wide variety of high-quality carbide cutting tools for aerospace, firearms and general machining applications. Its solution allows the shop to meet tightening customer demands for quality and quick delivery while facing a shrinking pool of available skilled hands.
Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in September, and the overall economy grew for the 100th consecutive month, say the nation's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business. The September PMI was 60.8 percent, an increase of 2 percentage points from the August reading of 58.8 percent. This indicates growth in manufacturing for the 13th consecutive month and is the highest reading since May 2004, when the index registered 61.4 percent.