Industry News for 08/2015

Mettler Toledo offer high-precision weighing platforms
Mettler Toledo's new PBK9 and PFK9 weighing platforms provide superior accuracy and reliability in harsh industrial conditions, with sufficient flexibility to be used for many applications, according to the company. The platforms notify the operator when recalibration or adjustments are necessary due to environmental changes, and automated calibration with a built-in calibration weight and plug-in cables allows for easy maintenance. 
5-day Swiss collet delivery
Hardinge Workholding now offers 5-day delivery on its TF25 Extended Nose Swiss Collet. The collet features added nose length—flat or tapered—for performing pick-off work or to compensate for tooling interference. When ordering, customers need to provide hole size (ID), length of extension and nose diameter. (The nose diameter must be at least 0.125" larger than the ID.) Standard collets and bushings from are delivered in 24 hours. 
Check spindles on the machine
Thermal drift is the biggest contributor to machining and part errors. SpindleCheck from Lion Precision measures changes in the point of machining as the spindle warms up, as chillers run and as the environment changes. Precise warm-up times can be determined for each machine tool and sources of thermal drift can be identified. This is the only method that tests thermal effects at the point of machining, reports Lion Precision. 
PRAB acquires Puckmaster
Industrial material handling equipment manufacturer PRAB Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich., has completed its purchase of Puckmaster Co., manufacturers of briquetting machines for metal compression and coolant collection. 
The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH), Lansing, Mich., issued a reminder to workers and industry of the potential for exposure to microbial pathogens in metalworking fluids following a story in the Belfast Telegraph about metalworkers at a local shipyard who were diagnosed with pneumococcal disease. The workers are believed to have been exposed to aerosols containing the bacteria.  
Flow International Corp., Kent, Wash., a developer and manufacturer of industrial waterjet machines for cutting applications, released an analysis on how ultrahigh-pressure pumps drive cutting efficiency through waterjet velocity. 
Smalley Steel Ring Co., a designer and manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs, donated an OMAX 2652 to the College of Lake County (CLC) in Grayslake, Ill.. The abrasive waterjet machining center is the college's first and broadens the CNC/Machine Tool Trades Department's ability to offer the waterjet technology skills sought by many employers recruiting CLC graduates, including Smalley. 
Contract manufacturer Oberg Industries, Freeport, Pa., has invested in new equipment to expand its production of medium and large machined components and assemblies. 
Earlier this summer Fastenal installed an additional FAST Solutions industrial vending machine within the Terex Mixer manufacturing plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Given how many vending devices (machines and lockers) Fastenal installs during a typical business day, it was a commonplace event — except in one regard: that particular machine represented the 50,000th FAST Solutions device concurrently installed at Fastenal customer sites worldwide. 
College students with an interest in bringing together software and hardware solutions to improve manufacturing operations now have an opportunity to leverage their creativity through the MTConnect Student Challenge, a competition that invites submissions for both ideas and applications utilizing the MTConnect standard. 
Industrial Info Resources, a market research company based in Sugar Land, Texas, reported Aug. 5 that demand for aircraft parts has helped give rise to U.S. manufacturing plant expansions. 
Okuma expands warehouse, increases service
Charlotte, N.C.-based Okuma America Corp.‘s newly-expanded warehouse increases the company's capacity for mechanical repair and exchange service, providing faster spindle and cam box replacement service, according to the company.  
U.S. military veterans are finding post-service success at machine tool builder Fives Machining Systems, putting their troubleshooting skills and technical experience to work in field service and customer support positions. Since 2014, the company has hired nearly 20 former members of the various military branches at 10 field service locations throughout the U.S., as well as accepting veterans into its apprenticeship program.