ARCH Cutting Tools names new analyst

March 10, 2021 - 07:45am
ARCH Cutting Tools names new analyst

Doug WickhamARCH Cutting Tools has named Doug Wickham as its new direct marketing/business analyst. In this role, he is working with the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based ARCH Cutting Tools marketing and business development team and reports to Stacey Eeman, marketing and business development manager.

Wickham’s has previously worked as a data analyst and a senior associate in the fields of artificial intelligence and analytics. He has worked in retail, energy, transportation, and services sectors.

His expertise has resulted in automating data extraction from dynamic Web pages to generate and accelerate sales leads, effective predictive data analysis in support of business goals to drive growth, and integration of data interpretation methodologies to maximize business efficiency.

“We are fortunate to have Doug join our team,” said Stacey Eeman. “As ARCH Cutting Tools evolves its new way of doing business for the 21st Century, his contributions in support of our business strategy and overall growth will be significant to our success.”

Wickham said that he looks “forward to helping the organization grow and better serve its customers through the application of data science and analytics in support of our business goals.”

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