Westec 2023 Booth Visit with ARCH Cutting Tools

ARCH Cutting Tools highlighted its RECON360 service program at its booth during Westec 2023 in Long Beach, California. Just over a year old, RECON360 offers to:

  • restore solid round tools and indexable cutting tool bodies to OEM or new condition,
  • braze new carbide, CBN, PCD or ceramic edges on inserts and round tools,
  • reapply coating to tools,
  • regrind worn areas on inserts and solid round cutting tools,
  • resize inserts or solid round tools.

SpyroTec Helical Countersinks from Guhring

This innovative, helical HSS and HSCO countersink drastically reduces axial and radial forces that occur during countersinking, due to the unique geometry of the cutting edge design. SpyroTec’s convex form and variable pitch cutting edges provide a stable countersinking process and minimal vibration – even when using a hand drill. Available from stock in 90 degree, 82 degree and 60 degree countersinks – also in convenient sets!

For more information, visit the Guhring website here.

DDHM CVD Diamond-Tipped Tool System

The DDHM system is aimed primarily at customers in the tool and die-making industries. The focus is on machining carbide punches and dies efficiently. The tool system also offers significant advantages in other areas such as the medical and aerospace sectors, the automotive industry, and punching, forging and forming technology. The diamond tools enable shorter throughput times, high surface quality, lower overall costs, greater flexibility within the production process and longer tool life. The drills can be used for producing holes in solid material to a maximum depth of ten times the diameter. The CVD-D tipped drills have a two-edged design and are available in diameters ranging from 2 mm (0.079”) to 10 mm (0.394”). All versions boast internal channels for cooling with air.