Coolant Related Products

Liquidtool Manager

The Sensor for metal cutting machines is compatible with coolants of all manufacturers and monitors them automatically. The Liquidtool Sensor regularly takes coolant from the machine tank and measures the sample with the built-in refractometer and thermometer. It stores the data gathered securely on the corresponding platform, allowing deviations to be detected at an early stage. Users can add additional values such as pH, nitrite and water hardness manually.

B-Cool MC 600

Blaser Swisslube, has focused on an economical formulation that shows robust performance in universal machining applications. The strengths of the new coolant become fully apparent when machining cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys. B-Cool MC 600 demonstrates good material and machine compatibility and can be mixed with all water types. It contains no critical substances such as boron, chlorine, formaldehyde or sulfur.

Presenting an automated coolant delivery system

Precision Tool Technologies Inc., Brainerd, Minnesota, developed the FullShop automated coolant delivery system to eliminate manually monitoring and replenishing coolant so that the shop could enable unattended machining. This video, presented as a video supplement to CTE's May 2020 Productive Times article, offers a quick overview of the company's FullShop system, which monitors coolant usage at a machine tool sump and automatically replenishes coolant before it runs low.

Fusion Coolant Systems

Conventional metalworking fluids are effective at providing cooling and lubrication during machining, but they have critics. One is Fusion Coolant Systems Inc., which offers products for supercritical CO(scCO2) as an alternative to those fluids.