EcoFilter 80

The EcoFilter 80 conveyor provides shops an additional option to Jorgensen’s EcoFilter 200 that provides fine chip filtration to 200 microns and was the first competitively priced conveyor and filtration system for all levels of turning and machining centers. The overall design and footprint of both conveyors are similar with the significant difference being the increased filtration of the EcoFilter 80’s filter cell.

DCMove Belted Conveyor

The DCMove Belted fits accuracy demanding application such as labelers, printers, side transfer sortation, and restricted spaces in addition to packaging, e-commerce, logistics and general material handling. Unique to this new release is the availability of the plug and play iDrive v2 configurations. It allows customers to select the best control methods for their application ranging from a ready to run conveyor to a flexible control great for integration with PLCs via a variety of communication protocols including Ethernet. This is all done with the 24VDC brushless motors and controllers technology standard to the market.

Turbo MF4

With filtration to 50 microns, the machine sump remains free of contaminants, pumps are protected from damage, and only clean coolant recirculates through the machining process. This reduces maintenance costs, extends both tooling and coolant life and improves machine uptime.