Coating Equipment

BALDIA Diamond Coatings

The diamond coating portfolio covers the entire spectrum of demanding machining applications and is divided into two groups of different base materials. The first contains coatings for machining highly abrasive compacted and sintered powders like graphite for moulds and dies, as well as ceramics for dental applications. For these applications, the BALDIA COMPACT and BALDIA COMPACT DC coatings produce the best possible machining performance. The second group of base materials are fibre-reinforced plastics, stack materials and highly abrasive aluminium alloys used in the aerospace and automotive industries. For this group, BALDIA NANO and BALDIA COMPOSITE DC are the right choice. In both groups the ending “DC” stands for maximum coating quality with consistently high tool performance and the tightest possible tolerances for tool diameter and coating thickness.

Encore nLighten LED Light for Manual Spray Gun

Nordson Industrial Coating Systems offers Encore nLighten, a safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the already impressive capabilities of the Encore manual spray gun. nLighten reduces rework, decreases the material waste, and eliminates the use of unrated flashlights and other light sources that can create hazards for employees in a powder-spraying environment.