Cleaning Equipment

Blast Ninja

The Blast Ninja reduces air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity, resulting in a significant reduction in noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production. This proven technology remains Kennametal-manufactured and is now available directly through authorized Kennametal distributors.


Safe for use on ferrous alloys when used as directed, ULTRA-CLEAN US-159 may etch or stain aluminum and zinc alloys, therefore pretesting before use is recommended.  Dilutions from 2-10% by volume in water that is 120-160° are typically effective.  Heavier soils and/or ultrasonic applications may benefit from operating at higher temperatures up to 190°F.  Follow cleaning step with a thorough ambient-to-warm water rinse.

TurboBlast Safety Air Gun

The TurboBlast features a cast aluminum handle with a rugged elastomer grip that’s not only comfortable, but UV resistant, chemical resistant and insulated from heat or cold. The light touch activation trigger creates a powerful blast of air and also includes a “Dead Man’s” grip that turns air off if the air gun is dropped. All models include an integrated nozzle guard for safety. Models are available with an adjustable gate valve to control blowing force on the fly, or without the gate valve.

Dynamic Pulley Separators

Positioned upstream from an eddy current separator, the high-strength Dynamic Pulley Separator uses a Rare Earth permanent magnet pulley rotating at an off-set speed from the belt, creating an agitating magnetic field. This improves ferrous recovery or removal and allows non-ferrous material to continue to downstream equipment.  

Round Spout Separators

Eriez Round Spout Separators are available with manual easy-to-clean or automatic easy-to-clean functionality.  The manual easy-to-clean design provides for a push/pull operation to strip accumulated tramp metal from the grates without physically handling the magnet. The automatic easy-to-clean version uses a set of pneumatic cylinders to automatically clean the magnetic grates at the touch of a pushbutton or timer control.

Desktop CNC Vacuum Accessory

The Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Vacuum Accessory seamlessly attaches to the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine, allowing for live vacuuming to increase chip evacuation and decrease clean-up time. The vacuum accessory allows for better material visibility, decreased iteration time, decreased clean-up time, a smoother, better finish and helps maintain the life of end mills.

M12 AIR-TIP Utility Nozzle

By incorporating cordless technology, Milwaukee improves the clean-up process with the M12 AIR-TIP Utility Nozzle. Powered by an M12 REDLITHIUM Battery, the power brush roll agitates debris for deep cleaning applications. For increased productivity, the tool allows for more clean-up in one pass compared to a standard floor vacuum attachment. In addition to performance, the universal accessory is built with an LED light for increased visibility in low lit environments.

M18 FUEL 6, 9, & 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuums

Not only are the vacuums durable, but they are also the most versatile Wet/Dry vacuum system on the market with interchangeable vacuum tanks, motorheads, and carts. Users can easily exchange motor heads to vary performance, tanks for different holding capacities, and carts for versatile transportation options for the vacuums around the jobsite. With the interchangeability for varying performance, holding capacity, and mobility, the system can adapt to any jobsite.

Torrent Parts Washer

An environmentally friendlier combination of heat, pressure and chemistry - Unlike traditional parts washers that use petroleum or chlorinated solvents, Torrent uses a water-based surfactant blend. This unique, solvent-free approach to parts washing reduces employee risk while cleaning 90% of parts within one minute.