SK Collet Chucks

A titanium nitride (TiN) bearing nut improves rigidity as the uniquely designed gold ring reduces collet damage, reduces micro vibration with the collet flange, and eliminates friction with the collet. It improves the cutting rigidity and the quality of the cut compared to traditional collet chucks.

Radial Pole Magnetic Chuck

Since users are holding the part for the base, setups are dramatically reduced. Pole extensions allow users to raise the piece from the magnet surface making the top, inner and outer diameters fully machinable. This process dramatically reduces part distortion due to clamping with ZERO distortion and allowing for far more accurate part processing.

Big Bore

Ideal for handling the harsh demands of the Oil and Gas industry, Big Bore and all of its variations is ideal for machining straight pipe, bent pipe and threading of couplings in two setups. This revolutionary chuck also offers extended jaw stroke for greater clearance to ensure safety for the and loading and unloading of the many variations found in oil field pipe.

Hydraulic Chucks and Reduction Sleeves

For simple, easy-to-use, versatile tool holding, the three versions of Seco Hydraulic Chucks include the HC Conventional, HCR Reinforced and the HCS Slim. The HC Conventional version delivers precision holding for drilling, reaming and light milling. As a universal solution, the HCR Reinforced version provides effective holding for all applications from HSM to HPM and for all kinds of tool shank types like Cylindrical, Weldon and Whistle Notch. The HCS Slim holder version is ideal for accessing deep, narrow part cavities during 5-axis machining at high speeds.

CC E-Motion Electric Chuck

Ideal for everyday use, the CC e-motion offers unbeatable accuracy and flexibility for high or low volume turning, inspection and finishing operations while providing fast, seamless machine integration. Optimum for either heavy duty or precision machining of any workpiece geometry, the chuck allows users to not only program the cutting cycle, but the jaw movement and gripping cycle as well.

3+3 Air Chuck

Ideal to handle the harsh demands of the Oil and Gas industry, BB-FZA2G allows for quick and easy setup of odd shaped pipe for threading and re-threading. Thanks to incorporating three jaws with axial adjustment of the centering position while also using three compensating jaws with extra long rapid and clamping stroke of 1.5”, there is no need to re-shim the part. This enhances operator safety and  greatly increases overall productivity.