Boring Tools

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with BIG DAISHOWA

Michael Herman, vice president sales for BIG DAISHOWA Inc., discussed a special promotion for the company’s fine boring kit, which features the EWN2-152 fine boring head from BIG KAISER is said to enable manufacturing precise bores with guaranteed precision of .00005". The set comes with dedicated accessories such as a boring bar, screw-in insert holders, and 2 inserts to cover Ø.701"-2.126".

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with ARCH Cutting Tools

ARCH Cutting Tools highlighted its RECON360 service program at its booth during Westec 2023 in Long Beach, California. Just over a year old, RECON360 offers to:

  • restore solid round tools and indexable cutting tool bodies to OEM or new condition,
  • braze new carbide, CBN, PCD or ceramic edges on inserts and round tools,
  • reapply coating to tools,
  • regrind worn areas on inserts and solid round cutting tools,
  • resize inserts or solid round tools.

KKH Cartridge Modules

KKH cartridge modules take all customized fine boring tooling, whether they are designed by SwissBore or not, and turn them into a state-of-the-art fine boring solution that have one thing in common: they are all digital ready. The cartridge modules allows both radial and axial adjustments. Radial adjustments are possible without influencing axial position, making fine adjustments of the cutting edge position exceptionally efficient and precise.

ES-Bore (Easy Set Bore)

The cartridges provides the possibility to design custom tools incorporating the ES-Bore lay down cartridges, allowing customers to receive special tools within a shorter delivery time and at a lower cost. Additionally, the release of the new fine boring cartridges gives customers the opportunity to build their own special tool because the customer only needs an ES-Bore lay down cartridge that can be mounted onto the boring bar being manufactured.


The insert of the Supermini Type 105 system requires only one tool holder for well over 1,000 insert variants. This applies equally to left-hand and right-hand versions. The carbide inserts are available in coated and uncoated versions in different grades for every application including hard machining up to 66 HRC. The patented droplet shape of the cross-section has a vibration-damping effect and delivers excellent repeatability when changing the insert. Internal coolant supply to the insert increases tool life, enhances cutting performance and improves chip removal.

Wohlhaupter 3ETECH+ (3ETECH Plus)

The 3ETECH+ provides improved diameter adjustment accuracy of one micron, making it the ideal choice for customers who need to hold precision hole tolerances on expensive parts. High-production environments such as aerospace, heavy equipment and automotive also greatly benefit from the enhanced digital readout module to be used on Wohlhaupter digital boring tools including VarioBore versatile boring head, 420 (410) series boring heads, 465 (464) series balanced boring heads, 538 (537) fine boring cassettes, custom boring solutions and the newest Wohlhaupter product, the ES-Bore series of fine boring laydown cartridges.