Boring Heads

420 (410) Series Fine Boring Heads

As the world’s smallest digital fine boring tool with a peripheral cutting edge, the unbalanced 420 (410) series has a diameter range of 0.787 inches – 1.142 inches (20.00 millimeters – 29.00 millimeters). The 465 (464) boring heads offer automatic self-balancing and bore diameters from 1.142 inches – 8.071 inches (29.00 millimeters – 205.00 millimeters). These boring heads have a special design to minimize the residual imbalance produced by insert holder displacement.

EWN Smart Damper Precision Boring Heads

BIG KAISER’s modular CK/CKB system allows for versatility in the length of tooling combinations, up to a maximum of 10 times diameter and can run on nearly every major spindle interface. All tools are coolant-through and have three different insert holder options per head size. The tried-and-true EWN analog head features a dial with Ø.0005"/div setting accuracy (.0001" w/ Vernier).

EWE Digital Boring Heads

Due to the small sizes of these boring heads, the digital display will no longer be present on the head itself, rather the adjustment value will be shown on a separate mobile device or tablet that has the BIG KAISER App installed. Once connected to the head, the App also can be used to set the target diameter and tolerance. This information will stay assigned to the specific head connected until it is changed by the operator. Along with the last measured cut information (entered by the operator each time an adjustment needs to be made), the App can show the adjustment required to get the head set to the target diameter. 

New Indexable Ball Nose End Mills for Rough and Semi Finish Profiling

BallRoughNose - New line of indexable ball nose end mills, designed to provide maximum reliability during roughing and semi-finishing. Its dovetail clamping design prevents insert movement during demanding operations. Insert rotation is restrained by the unique locking design in the insert seat. These features boost reliability during 3D profiling or plunging. The insert’s unique hybrid design allows one side for center cutting and the other for peripheral, eliminating the need to purchase two different inserts.