Automation Systems

RenAM 500 Ultra AM System

The RenAM 500 Ultra metal AM system is the latest model in the RenAM 500 family, which also includes the Flex system, optimized for R&D work, and the flagship closed-loop powder recirculation model for series production. The entire RenAM 500 family is available with one (500S) or four (500Q) high powered lasers, each able to access the whole powder bed simultaneously.

Servohydraulic Press

AP&T's engineers have equipped the press with a closed, robust hydraulic system with a small oil volume and few components. Thanks to the modular system, each press can be optimized to use one or more cylinders depending on the application. The new version of AP&T's servohydraulic press is suitable for embossing heat exchanger plates and fuel cell plates, transfer applications and progressive die stamping, as well as for most types of drawing operations.

ZOLLER Automation Days 2023

ZOLLER highlighted unique solutions that optimize and automate cutting tool processes, and launched a new Toolroom of the Year competition

ZOLLER Inc. welcomed manufacturing professionals from a range of industry verticals to its North American headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Automation Days on Aug. 9 and 10, 2023.

KASTOsort Tower

The new KASTOsort tower will appeal to, for instance, metalworking companies who already use a high-performance saw such as the KASTOvariospeed oder KASTOtec with or without KASTOsort robots. For an efficient process, the parts must be sorted by order after sawing and handling and placed in appropriate boxes. One of the solutions used to date has been a container carousel with eight pallet spaces on which the robot can independently place and fill the respective boxes. This is a simple and cost-effective solution for buffering manageable quantities of material.


The new generation of MR-J5 servo products includes two new servo types, HK-RT/ST, and the addition of high-speed HK-KT/ST servo motors with 3000rpm rated speed. In addition, new features for improved programming have been added including Simple Motion Mode for the RD78G Motion Module, Advanced Synchronous Control, and positioning mode or “point table” for MR-J5G servo amplifiers. Networking and communication have drastically improved with master “follower” operation to transmit commands to master and following axis in a synchronized servo system, auto-detection of IP address on the CC-Link IE TSN network, and support of Line Star and Ring topologies with CC-Link IE TSN.

P8000 Stepper Drive

The P80360 drive is fully programmable via an intuitive graphical user interface and programming language, available within the Kollmorgen Space software package offered as a free download on the Kollmorgen website. Using these tools, engineers can create simple point-to-point movements as well as linked motion sequences with ease. The versatility and functionality of the P80360 programming software eliminates the need for an external PLC or indexer to perform single-axis motion control, reducing overall system cost. 

I/O Module PDP67 PN

Decentralized I/O systems are an important component for flexible and modular automation solutions. Equipped with protection type IP67 and robust die cast zinc housing, the new remote I/O module PDP67 PN is ideally suited for positioning directly on the machine. Even outside the control cabinet it provides reliable safety at temperatures of -30°C to 70°C.