Westec 2023 Booth Visit with BIG DAISHOWA

Michael Herman, vice president sales for BIG DAISHOWA Inc., discussed a special promotion for the company’s fine boring kit, which features the EWN2-152 fine boring head from BIG KAISER is said to enable manufacturing precise bores with guaranteed precision of .00005". The set comes with dedicated accessories such as a boring bar, screw-in insert holders, and 2 inserts to cover Ø.701"-2.126".

Arbor Presses

The presses have four slot positions and feature a removeable machine steel anvil to provide accurate work support. For added versatility, punches or other tools may be added to the end of the ram by using a magnetic insert.  The ram is reversible. One end is solid and the other end has a hole and magnet to hold bits and pieces. A three-piece bit set and a removable steel anvil are standard on all presses. 

ARCH -- an Industry Leader in Standard Cutting Tools for Manufacturing

ARCH Cutting Tools is a leader in standard cutting tools for manufacturing, providing a multitude of industries with the most trusted cutting tools in this competitive environment. When other manufacturers moved production out of the U.S., ARCH invested in the communities where they do business, delivering quality American made tools to their loyal customers.