Additive Manufacturing

Toolpaths for Powder-Bed-Fusion (PBF)

Integrated into the Rafinex solution, the ModuleWorks software generates highly automated, collision-free toolpaths for PBF. The workflow enables users to quickly program resilient, high-performance parts for production where expert knowledge of the manufacturing process is not required. The pre-defined parameters assist engineers in optimising the workpiece geometry for the PBF process to generate a toolpath and NC code that automatically minimises material waste.

Traceability bolsters prospects for additive manufacturing


Although a variety of part traceability solutions are available for traditional manufacturing processes, including bar coding, laser etching and adding serial numbers and radio frequency identification, those technologies are not particularly efficient or effective for additively manufactured parts, which tend to have complex geometries and can be microscale, according to Cody Burke, co-founder and COO of SmartParts.