Wiha Tools Monticello has introduced new Cushion Grip Ultra Drivers. The company says they are ultralight, ultracompact and ultra fast. The high-quality drivers include 13 double-end, exact-fit precision bits. That makes 26 assorted tip sizes to choose from.
Wiha Tools USA has introduced the SoftFinish Pistol Ratchet 23-piece security set. The set includes the SoftFinish cushion grip Pistol Ratchet handle, six sllotted and Phillips insert bits stored in the handle, six security TORX 75mm power blades, nine security hex inch 90mm power blades and 1/4” magnetic bit holder.
Wiha Tools has introduced a new Terminator Impact Bit Set in a compact metal box. After months of testing and engineering enhancements, Wiha has completed and improved the production of Terminator Impact Bits.
Wiha Tools has introduced TorqueControl SoftFinish Pistol Ratchets. Overtightening the screw is eliminated by the Wiha
reliable torque technology. There's a distinctly audible and perceptible click signal when torque is reached.
When choosing the best hand tool for everyday work, craftsmen look for tools which are as light as possible and which take up as little space as possible in their toolboxes, cases and belts, while still featuring excellent functionality and ergonomic and time-saving properties. When developing new products, Wiha focusses closely on user…
Wiha Tools USA has introduced two new TorqueControl pistol ratchet sets. The 59-piece sets, #28584 and #28585, includes a new Cushion Grip pistol ratchet handle, “overtightening the screw is eliminated with Wiha reliable torque technology.”
Wiha Tools offers a broad range of problem-solving, professional-quality tools.
Wiha's new BiCut SuperCuts are available in three styles; Soft Grip, Two Component Industrial SoftGrip and 1000-volt Insulated Industrial Cushion Grip.
Wiha Quality Tool'ss new 1000Volt Insulated PicoFinish Screwdriver handle has a soft zone for comfortable work.
Wiha Tools has introduced the new TorqueFix Wing handle.
Wiha Tools has introduced Terminator Impact Bits.
Wiha Quality Toolshas introduced MagicTip safety notched-ring pliers.
Wiha Tools has introduced new ErgoStar Automatic Pro Series Metric Ball End L-key Set.
Wiha Tools has introduced a new line of Industrial SoftGrip Pliers and Cutters.
Wiha Tools has introduced insulated SlimLine blades and screwdrivers.