All TJ Davies custom retention knobs are manufactured from American-made 8620 alloy steel which has a high tensile strength to withstand strong centrifugal force, high load force, high feed rate, and difficult to machine material. All knobs are machined in-house with single point threading to Imperial (Class 2A UNC) or Metric (Class G6) standards…
The use of 8620 ensures that the components will work harden over time, rather than becoming brittle as is the case with the use 9310 alloy steel. Single point threading ensures that the threads are balanced (lead-in/lead-out at 180 degrees) which is very difficult to achieve when rolling threads.  Full depth is also attained for each thread.…
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The T.J. Davies Company Inc. has been selected to participate in a national program that provides women business leaders with practical, real-world tools to improve the operational value of a business.