ShopBot Tools Inc.

ShopBot continues to believe that everyone should be able to successfully employ the capabilities of CNC—making small- to medium-size shops competitive in today’s market. That often can include configurations that make the tool better suited to the customer’s production needs.  
ShopBot Tools has announced the launch of the ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC, the newest addition to its desktop tool line. The Desktop MAX ATC has all of the same capabilities of the popular Desktop MAX but has the additional power and efficiency of an automatic toolchanger (ATC).
ShopBot announces the launch of its Subscription CNC program, emphasizing a simple, straightforward service that makes it easy to put a ShopBot CNC tool to work for your business. For one monthly payment, subscribers can put a Handibot Smart Power Tool, ShopBot Desktop, ShopBot Desktop MAX or ShopBot Buddy tool into production and access ShopBot’s…