Schneeberger Inc.

A new AR function in the CAD configurator merges the digital world with the real world. Users such as design engineers configure 3D CAD models on their computers, smartphones or tablets just as they did before and then download them in various CAD formats. The configured CAD model can now be displayed in the video function of a smartphone or…
The precise and hard ball contact surfaces enable optimum force transmission with extremely high positioning and repeat accuracy. In addition, Schneeberger ball screws stand out due to their quiet, torque-constant running behavior. Equally important are the accompanying low heat generation, minimal wear and long service life.
The SFERAX Type H.L. features a 100 Chromium-6 steel housing, hardened to 63 HRC, ground (lapped for quality grade A), a brass ball tray, and precision 100 Chromium-6 steel balls. The SFERAX Type H.L. is approved for wide temperature use, -30° to +200°C (without seals). Its three external grooves make mounting easy.