Monitoring metalworking fluids is a critical process in optimizing performance and extending fluid life. The necessity and methodology for analyzing fluids has remained virtually unchanged for years, yet there was still no way to easily record the data, share it with other departments or suppliers, and measure fluid concentration. Though new…
Quaker Chemical Corp. has developed lubricating technologies designed specifically for machining CGI.
The Quaker Chemical Corp., Conshohocken, Penn., acquired Lubricor Inc., a Canadian metalworking fluids manufacturer, in a deal announced Dec. 1. Lubricor, which manufactures and markets value-added metalworking products such as synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants, hydroforming fluid, and stamping products, sells directly to primarily Tier 1 and…
Evan Jones Thorne
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Quaker Houghton in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, a producer of industrial process fluids, has entered into an exclusive joint venture with Grindaix GmbH.