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As a market-leading photo chemical etching specialist for over 50 years, Precision Micro has developed etchant chemistries and processes that make etching possible on a wide range of metals. Stainless steel, however, remains the number one choice for many of the company’s customers due to its versatility, the numerous grades available, and the…
The growth in the GDi market is staggering. In 2008 it was estimated that about 2% of cars built incorporated this technology, but recent predictions suggest that by 2020, 25% will include GDi systems as standard. This is great news for Precision Micro, the photo-etching specialist, which supplies photo-etched flexures used in GDis systems and…

People & Companies

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Precision Micro announces that Karl Hollis, previously technical sales manager, will be appointed to director of engineering as of April 1, 2019.
(Birmingham, U.K.) A European photochemical etching specialist, Precision Micro, has appointed Chris Carter as Key Account Manager to service the growing German market for precision photo-etched metal components.