Nachi America Inc. says its Aqua Drill EX Flat series provides one-step drilling. The drill eliminates the need for a center drill or endmill on inclined or curved surfaces. The 180° flat cutting edge creates a minimal exit burr. The tools feature the Aqua EX coating for enhanced heat and wear resistance. New fractional sizes will be available in…
The Aqua Ex Flat from Nachi America Inc. is for drilling inclined and curved surfaces and is ideal for flat-bottom holemaking applications in the oil and gas, automotive and general manufacturing industries, according to the company.
Greg Bartlett
Feature Article
Nachi America Inc. (Cutting Tools) features the Aqua Revo Oil Hole Drill series in a brief video that offers an overview of the endmill's oil-hole geometry, material and coating. Designed for shops that require high-efficiency machining, the Aqua Revo drill series reportedly will improve productivity and reduce costs. 
Nachi’s newest drill, the Aqua REVO has improved all 3 aspects of the cutting tool. New carbide, geometry and surface treatment from Nachi provides not only longer tool life but versatility as well.
Nachi’s new End Mill Series will improve your tooling cost and reduce cycle time while offering high performance machining on a wide range of materials.