Milacron Holdings Corp. announces that its CIMCOOL brand released new CIMCLEAN cleaners and new CIMGUARD corrosion preventatives.
Milacron Holdings Corp. announces that its CIMCOOL brand releases a new series of MILPRO Process oils, formulated for slide-way, hydraulic and gear oil applications.
Milacron Fluid Technologies brand CIMCOOL announced a new product release to its CIMPULSE metalworking fluid line. CIMPULSE products are designed to cover a broad-range of applications with trouble-free performance allowing customers to use one product across a range of operations.
Milacron Fluid Technologies brand Cimcool launched Cimpulse – one fluid for all shops and markets.
Cimcool announces the release of CIMPERIAL 861 With InSol Technology, a hybrid lubricity, semisynthetic metalworking fluid, which received approval under Boeing BAC5008 RevU.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology offers InSol lubrication. This new technology coupled with unique surfactants and inhibitors provides excellent multi-metal performance without the use of extreme pressure additives, according to the company.
In a continuing effort to provide the cost-effective options in the market, CIMCOOL Fluid Technology announced the new Quick Start Trial Kit.
CIMCOOL specializes in fluids for machining and grinding, stamping, drawing and forming, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors, as well as specialty lubricants and fluid management equipment.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology introduces five new cleaners to the market.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology announced the release of a new lubricant technology for machining and grinding of hard metals.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology's 600 series, or the "Elite Series," of metalworking fluids is CIMCOOL's top of the line products.
CIMMILL 1350 is fast becoming the fluid of choice in moderate-duty rollforming, threading and cutting operations of ferrous metals.
QUANTALUBE 270XL is a new water soluble "super-lubricant" metalworking fluid designed for heavy-duty grinding and machining operations. Manufactured by CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, QUANTALUBE 270XL's patented Extreme Pressure lubricant package offers outstanding stock removal and, consequently, high productivity increases.
CIMCOOL offers a wide variety of innovative products engineered specifically for the toughest grinding and machining applications.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology introduces a new and complete product line designed to meet the challenges of the tube and pipe industry.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology's HFP LINE OF FLUIDS WITH FACT (foam arrest control technology) produce less foam, which results in better lubricity than leading metalworking fluids, making these products an ideal choice for applications that include high speed machining and metalworking operations.
The Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids integrates science and technology to help customers become more efficient in the manufacturing process. The products, which include cleaning fluids, stamping and drawing lubricants, machining and grinding fluids, corrosion preventives, and specialty products, are part of the CIMCOOL family of…
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology has introduced CIMPERIAL 1072D, a soluble oil recommended for machining and grinding operations with poor water quality.
Cimperial 1072-HFP is a single fluid recommended for all metals and all heavy-duty machining operations including turning, drilling, tapping, reaming, gear cutting and broaching.
CIMTECH 46C Metalworking Fluid, one of CIMCOOL Fluid Technology's extensive line of metalworking fluids, has BOEING approval under BAC 5008REVr — Areas 5 and 6, including titanium alloys.
CIMCOOL's family of metalworking fluids are specially formulated for the unique needs in medical manufacturing operations.
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology has created CIMTECH 609, an innovative hybrid developed for superior grinding performance and excellent machining ability.
CIMTECH 310 from Cimcool Fluid Technology, a low-pH synthetic fluid designed to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries, has become the standard metalworking fluid for many manufacturers.
Shop supervisors around the world turn to Cimcool Fluid Technology for effective and affordable cleaning products designed to keep metalworking operations at peak performance.