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An environmentally friendlier combination of heat, pressure and chemistry - Unlike traditional parts washers that use petroleum or chlorinated solvents, Torrent uses a water-based surfactant blend. This unique, solvent-free approach to parts washing reduces employee risk while cleaning 90% of parts within one minute.
The longest-lasting, fastest-cutting abrasive is especially effective for hard-to-grind applications like stainless steel weldments, nickel alloys and ferrous metals.
Premium Ceramic Grain - provides a cooler cut for a longer lasting disc; 50 Grit – less emphasis on aggression with refined surface finish; 36 Grit – best combination of stock. Works well on stainless steel & carbon steel, weld bead removal, chamfering and beveling, flame-cut steel removal, edge grinding and deburring.
Because aluminum has a much lower melting temperature than other metals, keeping aluminum cool while grinding and finishing is a big challenge for welders and fabricators. The Blue-Kote disc cloth’s net structure resists clogging on soft materials, and its sanded surface stays cooler and avoids burning the work surface.