The M936 maximizes the output of machines most customers use, explained Steve Avers, IMCO’s Technical Support Manager. With conventional low-horsepower machines, this free cutting action means the M936 cutter can run to the machine’s upper capacity limits.
The POW•R•ARC cuts and finishes in one pass in hardened metals up to 62 HRc, aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, and super alloys such as high nickel alloys, cobalt chrome and titanium.  It’s proven highly effective in both low-speed and high-speed machines, and it’s ideal for use in 5-axis machines. Order with long necks for working in…
M213 STREAKERS feature three extremely large flute cavities, uniquely designed end face and gashing, and 37-degree helixes to achieve deep cuts and high feed rates. IMCO’s special end face and flute grinds combine to create a free cutting action allowing aggressive plunging and ramping moves
The intuitive nature of ToolBot allows programmers and machinists alike to enter four simple pieces of information – end mill, material, cut type and machine limits – into the online program, and ToolBot does the rest, explained Osburn. Prompts and dropdowns make entries fast and easy.
Machining productivity in aluminum alloys takes a major step forward with new STREAKERS M223 and M233 high-performance cutting tools, introduced by IMCO Carbide Tool.
IMCO Carbide Tool adds the new AP5 Series of cutting tools to its POW•R•PATH line, revolutionizing the benefits of high-efficiency machining methods to work in aluminum alloys. A unique cutting edge design on all five flutes combines with generous chip evacuation space and an extra durable coating to generate high metal-removal rates.
IMCO Carbide Tool announced a January launch for a new high-performance end mill designed specifically to overcome the challenges of machining in high-temperature alloys.
IMCO Carbide Tool offers the new wave of Omega M7 end mills.
When you build something as massive as planes, maintaining production timelines is critical. One delay can set the entire project back months. And every project faces one sooner or later. When the timeline and the success of a project pivot on custom tools, the spotlight is on the supplier. It's show time. IMCO Carbide Tool experienced one of…
The second-generation version of the original POW-R-FEED M9 Series, the new POW-R-FEED M924 end mill, is available from IMCO Carbide Tool.
New product videos and new-generation catalogs hot off the presses, IMCO Carbide Tool introduced the latest wave of its customer-focused product information system.
IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. introduces the enDURO line of tools.
No one can predict the future of manufacturing, but those who supply tooling, software or equipment are closer to the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry than most. This gives them an almost prescient ability to forecast what’s coming down the pipe, offer recommendations on what manufacturers need to be successful in these turbulent times…
Whether you’re using low-horsepower equipment, high-speed machining centers or a 5-axis machine, POW-R-FEED M936 cutters give you the power to get more production out of every machine, every shift, every day.
The all-new POW-R-ARC 6- and 8-flute ball-end cutter is here to save you amazing time and money with every 3D contour and chamfer. No need to stop and change tools for finishing.
Video highlights the IMCO enDURO M5 Series endmills for titanium and stainless steels.
Video highlights the IMCO Streakers M2 Series, which includes the M223 second generation Streaker end mill for machining aluminum alloys and the M233 roughers that plow through aluminum alloys while using 20% less power. 
Video highlights special features of the IMCO POW•R•PATH AP5 Series, including a revolutionary 5-flute design for HEM tool paths in aluminum alloys, and a solid core and extra durable coating for maximum tool life. Available with CMS for maximum chip control, the POW•R•PATH AP5 Series also offers high metal removal rates for extreme productivity.
We've got aluminum on the run! The best cutter in aluminum just got BETTER.

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IMCO Carbide Tool Inc., an Ohio-based tool manufacturer, has joined the IMC Group, an international family of metalworking companies that is part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. conglomerate.
IMCO Carbide Tool is undergoing a $39 million, 15,000-square-foot expansion in Perrysburg, Ohio.