Machine enclosures from Hennig Inc. are designed to protect operators from injury and valuable machinery from the environment. The company's engineers work closely with customers so that their enclosure fits all the requirements for an application (i.e, ventilation, power inlets, conveyor openings).
In the future, high feed rates and high accelerations are no longer excluded with large, heavy telescopic steel covers. Hennig has developed a transport mechanism especially for this type of use, for speeds between 98 feet and 262 feet per minute (30 and 80 meters per minute).
Hennig Inc. announces a newly designed mobile chip conveyor, which allows shops with auger chip processing machine tools to use larger chip bins or 55 gallon drums instead of small chip cans.
Whether the application involves producing/removing chips or moving parts/scrap pieces, Hennig Inc. says it can provide the chip conveyor for all machine tool requirements.
William Leventon
Machine Technology Column

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