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GTI Predictive Technology announces the immediate availability of VibePro 24/7 for vibration route and data continuous online vibration and temperature monitoring for rotating equipment and bearing health. VibePro 24/7 is the technology that takes the company's predictive monitoring offerings to the next level by combining route data…
GTI Predictive Technology announces the availability of GTILube for testing bearing lubrication and condition. GTILube is the system that takes ultrasonic technology to the next level, according to the company.
GTI Spindle Technology says spindle repair and rebuild is the heart of what the company does, and it prides itself on being able to handle any spindle that comes through the door. All spindles can be repaired, though the associated cost for some can eclipse that of a brand-new spindle. When this happens, GTI Spindle Technology turns to Peron…
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creators of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, offers VibePro 8 - the complete, affordable predictive maintenance solution for iPad. Condition monitoring, M2M and the IIoT have reached a new height. VibePro 8 is a compilation of 2 years’ worth of work, thousands of hours and customer input.
GTI Predictive Technology is proud to announce the immediate availability of our new iBumpTest app for the Apple iPad. Determining the natural frequency of a mechanical system with a Bump Test is a controlled measurement.
GTI Predictive Technology announces the next generation USB digital accelerometer. This product reportedly provides a major leap forward from other USB accelerometers in the market.
GTI Predictive Technology offers the Wireless Machine Level. The company says this product is a major leap forward from its previous 1-axis level and supports both the iPad and Windows computers.
GTI Predictive Technology announces that a new version of its classic wired iPad Vibration Analyzer is now available. The new version is equipped with an upgraded DAQ box that accepts input from any standard accelerometer.
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creators of the VibePro iPad Data Collector, announce X-Phase for iPad. The new application enables cross channel phase analysis on the iPad.
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creators of the VibePro iPad Data Collector, offers VibePro-EX, an explosion-proof vibration analysis package for iPad. The package includes a wireless Bluetooth accelerometer, a specially certified explosion proof iPad case meeting all hazardous compliance standards, and a new version of GTI's vibration…
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creators of the iPad Data Collector, unveiled VibePro 7.3 – a major new update to GTI's vibration analysis application for iPad. Developed specifically for the iPad, VibePro provides a simple and easy solution to performing vibration analysis on the iPad. New in version 7.3 are features many customers have been…
GTI Predictive Technology, Manchester, N.H., today announced the immediate availability of GTI PowerReader, the latest tool in the GTI Predictive Technology Tool Box. The GTI PowerReader allows users to optimize machine cycles to help increase output and avoid new capital equipment purchases, according to a GTI Predictive Technology news release.
GTI Predictive Technology announces another tool to expand an iPad's capabilities.
GTI Wireless Measurement System from GTI Predictive Technology is a wireless measurement device connecting to digital instruments.
GTI Predictive Technology Inc., creators of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, announces its newest VibePro Apps for The Apple iPad.
GTI has released its precision laser alignment system for iPad.
With the advent of technologies like the iPad, the field of predictive maintenance has become an accessible and achievable goal for many businesses. The iPad allows anyone from small companies to large multi-facility corporations to implement and commit to a predictive maintenance program utilizing technology that is constantly improving.
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Thomas Hoenig, president of GTI Spindle Technology Inc., Manchester, N.H., discusses how Apple's new iPad technology is changing the face of vibration analysis in manufacturing. Presented as part of Cutting Tool Engineering's Fast Track Seminar series hosted at our booth during IMTS 2010, Hoenig's seminar includes a brief…
Acoustic emission (AE) sensors detect ultrasonic sound waves emitted when the grinding wheel contacts a part or the dressing wheel and send that information to a process control unit. Monitoring the sound waves and comparing them with reference values allows operators to control the grinding and dressing processes. Variations in acoustic emissions…

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GTI Spindle Technology Inc., Manchester, N.H., recently opened a state-of-the-art facility in North Carolina that the company said is capable of repairing and rebuilding high-precision spindles, including those made by Makino, Mazak, Kessler, Gamfior, Enshu and OKK.