As products grow thinner and lighter to meet the needs of the electronics, medical and micromechanics industries, United Grinding and Ewag have developed the Laser Line Ultra for machining the incredibly precise microtools required for these applications. Specializing in the laser fabrication of cutting tools made of hard and ultrahard materials…
UNITED GRINDING has unveiled its new EWAG PROFILE LINE, an indexable carbide insert grinding solution. Developed in a partnership between Ewag AG and sister company Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, the PROFILE LINE serves as an efficient grinding center for the advanced processing of highly complex interchangeable insert geometries and interfaces.
Deemed the most compact laser production center in diamond tool manufacturing, the new EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION serves as an alternative to conventional grinding and eroding methods that are unable to handle the level of precision required for processing complex cutting contours and narrow tool tolerances in CBN, PCD and CVD-­D materials. 
UNITED GRINDING has extended its line of WALTER EWAG technologies for cutting tool production to now include the LASER LINE ULTRA 5-axis machining center that incorporates ultra-short pulse laser technology.
The Mägerle MFP 50 5-axis CD (continuous dressing) grinding center from United Grinding Technologies Inc. has an automatic grinding wheel and tool changer. The ATC can switch the wheel or tool in 8 seconds using a swing-arm configuration.
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The United Grinding Group strengthens its Southeast Asian footprint and establishes a subsidiary in Singapore.