The new rectangular cartridges from E-Z Burr Tool are a custom-made solution for indexable drills and adjustable precision boring heads. Now you can accomplish two operations in one convenient pass. The company simply mills a trench in an indexable drill or boring head and installs a custom-designed deburring cartridge that slides right into theā€¦
E-Z Burr Tool Co.'s Stubby series tools deburr the front and back of holes in a single pass and are available in HSS and carbide versions.
E-Z Burr's small-hole carbide series tools deburr the front and back of a hole in a single pass, and deburr hole diameters as small as 0.125".
E-Z Burr Tool Co.'s Component Micro Series tools are for deburring and chamfering microholes from 0.057" to 0.092" in diameter. A tool's solid arbor can be replaced without changing the HSS blade and vice versa.
The E-Z Tool Calculator from E-Z Burr Tool Co. offers a simple way to see what tool, blade or insert to order, as well as the recommended speeds and feeds for the tool, which is available at
Dan Ewing
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