Doosan Robotics strategically designed its ROS 2 Foxy package to provide both convenience and accessibility. As the package is compatible with Doosan Robot Language (DRL), operators of Doosan robots with only standard ROS knowledge can easily create intelligent robotics application. The package is expected to accelerate the development of robot…
Doosan Robotics (Doosan) offers a versatile lineup of collaborative robots (cobots) that are engineered to meet the needs of today’s automation market. Doosan cobots have been particularly popular in France and Italy due to their strong capabilities and intuitive and easy application.

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Doosan Robotics Inc. (Doosan), a leading global manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), announced plans to establish its first U.S. office in Buford, Georgia, by the end of 2019 to accelerate its distribution efforts. The new office will serve as the headquarters for sales, marketing, training, and customer service in the Americas.