Controx Inc.

Controx-Neuhauser solid-carbide blades are available in widths from 0.005” and width tolerances of 0.0002”, are suitable for precision cutting applications like dicing semiconductors, such as surface mounted-devices (SMD) resistor chips. They feature tight diameter tolerance within one set of blades, which allows them to cut through the chips and…
Controx milling cutters are suitable for the grooving of rotary vane and turbo pump rotors and other rotors requiring precision depth and width control. Slot widths of up to 5/8” and depths to 3” are possible with or without contour in the slot base.
Controx presents the Panel Cut line of tools, which reportedly allow feed rates up to 400 ipm for maximum productivity and a clean surface finish. Designed specifically for machining lightweight composite sandwich panels, these shank tools employ sophisticated tool geometry to drill through sandwich panels with no delamination on the glass or…
Controx-Neuhauser presents precision saw blades designed specifically for use with Hydromat machines. Available in 166 and 250 mm diameters, these cobalt steel (HSS-Co) saw blades feature an axial runout of 0.1 mm/0.004” to assure a straight cut and minimize the breakage rate.
Controx-Neuhauser presents a full line of standard saw blades and side chip clearance saws suitable for a wide range of precision cutting applications. Available in U.S. Imperial dimensions with diameters from 1” to 8” and metric dimensions from 20mm to 250mm, with fine, medium and coarse tooth pitch to suit application requirements.
Controx-Neuhauser introduces its Decoring Cut tool, which both drills through honeycomb composite panels and undercuts the skins (thus removing the cores) in a single labor-saving step. A sophisticated end tooth design enables Decoring Cut to cut through the top skin while maintaining tight tolerances with no delamination.