ZEISS DeepRecon Pro and ZEISS PhaseEvolve modules increase throughput by up to 10x while producing better than ever image quality. They’re designed for research fields including geosciences, pharmaceuticals, electronics, battery and engineering materials as well as for semiconductor failure analysis.
With ZEISS PiWeb, ZEISS has now enhanced its software for quality data management.
The ZEISS ROTOS roughness sensor enables the standard-compliant measurement of roughness and waviness on a single coordinate measuring machine (CMM).
The ZEISS O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine is reportedly becoming more customizable and now provides even more flexibility for a wide range of applications.
The NEX series of instruments from ZEISS Industrial Metrology integrate additional measurement analysis with their new detectors.
ZEISS TEMPAR records room temperatures with the highest precision and enables the exact monitoring of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) environment, resulting in more precise measurements.
The extended version of PiWeb sbs quality data management software, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, is being introduced today by ZEISS Industrial Metrology.
ZEISS Industrial Metrology has expanded the range of models to accommodate the measurement of larger workpieces.
ZEISS Industrial Metrology announced the new family of LineScan laser line sensors that improve inspection productivity and enable reverse engineering of complex products on popular CONTURA, ACCURA II and PRISMO CMMs.
The latest generation of the successful ZEISS CONTURA coordinate measuring machine is entering the market.
The new VAST XTR gold probe from Carl Zeiss enables flexible and highly accurate measurements in industrial measuring, thus considerably increasing productivity and flexibility for operators.
The O-INSPECT line from Carl Zeiss is growing: the O-INSPECT 322 coordinate measuring machine is now available. It is the smallest system with which Carl Zeiss is expanding the range of applications of its coordinate measuring machines.
Carl Zeiss introduced today the new MICURA coordinate measuring machine.
Carl Zeiss introduced the new SPECTRUM coordinate measuring machine.
The O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine from Carl Zeiss allows the very easy, very accurate and thus very efficient inspection of complex parts.
With DuraMax, Carl Zeiss offers an popular compact 3D coordinate measuring machine. DuraMax Gear marks the evolution of DuraMax into a shopfloor gear wheel measuring machine.
Carl Zeiss IMT Corp.'s O-Inspect multiple-sensor measuring machine is available with a rotary table for horizontal and vertical positioning.
Carl Zeiss IMT Corp. presents Caligo, the new measuring software specially developed for car body parts and freeform surfaces.
With the latest version of its standard measuring software Calypso, Carl Zeiss IMT offers additional functions for users of measuring technology.
Carmet II from Carl Zeiss was developed specifically for suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry. This new horizontal-arm measuring machine is available in four sizes up to a measuring range of X = 7m, Y = 1.6m and Z = 2.5m.
ystematically implementing customer requests was the main challenge in the development of the new ACCURA coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss IMT Corp.
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