The 3859 Easy-Cut Xtreme Trimetal Bandsaw Blade cuts “easy to cut” materials and difficult materials with the same blade; there is no need to change blades. This saves time and money by reducing blade inventory, operator labor and machine downtime. The 3859 also boasts a much longer blade life than bimetal blades. Its enhanced durability also…
Sawing PVC piping has never been made more easier, thanks to the new PVC Handsaw from BAHCO.
Bahco's new 3851 Sandflex Cobra bandsaw blade, with a powdered metal M42 high-speed steel tooth edge for higher hardness and added toughness, provides smooth, precise cuts for general-purpose and production-cutting applications.
The new Wavy bandsaw blade from Bahco is a customized blade designed and engineered specifically for tough cutting applications, including high-nickel alloys, Rene-type materials and superalloys. The Wavy Bandsaw Blade concept can be applied to any Bahco bimetal or carbide bandsaw blade.
The 3868 Carbide Triple Set “Xtra” TSX bandsaw blade from Bahco is engineered to be versatile in cutting materials well on both vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines.