PVC Handsaw

September 18, 2019
PVC Handsaw

Sawing PVC piping has never been made more easier, thanks to the new PVC Handsaw from BAHCO.

The PVC Handsaw (part number BAH-PVC-14) features hard-point induction and lacquer-coating rust protection for longer blade life. The saw’s universal toothing is strong and hard wearing, suitable for clean cutting of PVC pipe, wood and other industrial materials.

Features and benefits of BAHCO’s PVC Handsaw include:

  • 14 teeth-per-inch (TPI) format is suitable for both rip and cross cutting in all types of wood, as well as soft material such as aluminum profiles and copper piping
  • Durable, ergonomically designed one component solid handle
  • Reusable plastic patented tooth protector

Related Glossary Terms

  • sawing


    Machining operation in which a powered machine, usually equipped with a blade having milled or ground teeth, is used to part material (cutoff) or give it a new shape (contour bandsawing, band machining). Four basic types of sawing operations are: hacksawing (power or manual operation in which the blade moves back and forth through the work, cutting on one of the strokes); cold or circular sawing (a rotating, circular, toothed blade parts the material much as a workshop table saw or radial-arm saw cuts wood); bandsawing (a flexible, toothed blade rides on wheels under tension and is guided through the work); and abrasive sawing (abrasive points attached to a fiber or metal backing part stock, could be considered a grinding operation).