To meet the increasing utilization of superhard materials in production processes, notably aerospace, Agathon Machine Tools Inc. has introduced the Neo Roughing Laser for accelerated processing rates, and overall indexable insert production savings. The Neo has three mechanical axes and three optical axes for processing the periphery, clearance…
Many machines on the factory floor are able to deliver an enormous amount of information that can increase their productivity exponentially. With Smart Connectivity, Agathon offers a comprehensive Industry 4.0 package.
AGATHON AG offers the new Dom Plus 4-axis grinding center equipped with automated loading capacity for high production grinding of indexable inserts on the periphery with two K-Lands through integrated reclamping.
AGATHON Machine Tools Inc. has introduced the new Leo Peri 4-axis grinding center for grinding the periphery of indexable inserts. Throughout product development, the Leo Peri design concept focused on achieving a smaller machine size, incorporating greater user friendly accessibility, maintenance free concepts, and overall superior machine…

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Bethel, CT November 1, 2018...Agathon, Swiss manufacturer of precision grinding machines for indexable inserts, laser processing machines, and standard products for fabricating, mold making and specialty machines, is celebrating 100 years.