The AF160 can process parts with an outside diameter of up to 60mm and a length of 250mm. The machining length is between 110 and 180mm. The eight axes – all of them independent – make the AF160 the most flexible Affolter machine to date. It can produce straight gears, helical gears, straight bevel gears, face gears, straight or helical crowned…
Affolter Technologies says the AF110 plus gear hobbing center convinces with its versatility, precision, power, rigidity and ease of use. It has eight axes with a maximum DP17, minimal DP1270, and a spindle speed of up to 12,000 rpm.
Affolter Technologies SA launches a groundbreaking innovation: worm screw power skiving (WSPS). “This cutting-edge technology was developed by our engineering experts in an intensive R&D process. Worm screw power skiving allows us to finish a high-precision worm in only 6 seconds.

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In 1919, Louis Affolter, the second child of the watchmakers Samuel and Marie-Louise Affolter, founded his own company and started to produce gears and pivots for the Swiss watch manufacturers in the area. 100 years later, nine Affolter family members work in the high-tech enterprise Affolter Group and its daughter companies Affolter Technologies…

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