Mitsubishi introduces stand-alone M80W CNC

Author Robert Weinstein
April 16, 2018 - 11:45am

In recent years, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. has enjoyed success with its M8 series CNC platform. Instead of aiming for incremental improvements over its previous CNCs, the M8 series represented a total redesign from the ground up. In the series’ original CNC, the control was attached to the display; customers could select among three sizes, including a 15" (381mm) touch screen.

Now with the newest entry, the M80W CNC, the company “has created a revolutionary leap,” said Product Manager Scott Strache. He noted the M80W is a stand-alone CNC that is easy to operate.

Among the M80W’s most prominent features is its Windows-based display that is separate from the control unit. The 19" (483mm) vertical display (also available as a horizontal display) has a multifunction window. Operators can customize the M80W by selectively arranging a keyboard, an operation panel, a document viewer or other applications. The touch-screen display also allows operators to use iPad-style gesturing.

Among the M80W CNC’s most prominent features is its Windows-based display that is separate from the control unit. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

“The M80W is designed so the control can be in the electrical cabinet,” Strache said. “Then, by just running a connecting cable, the display can be in the operator’s station.”

The M80W incorporates the latest operating system and a slim PC. OEMs and end users gain both expandability and flexibility by taking advantage of the two slots available for 32GB secure digital cards, allowing them to add as much as 64GB of memory to the system.

Strache said operators will experience reduced machine vibration during high-speed cutting as a result of the control’s “super-smooth” surface control. By adjusting the control gains automatically, the M80W’s real-time servo and spindle tuning helps maintain machine stability.

Among the standard features is a high-speed, high-accuracy mode that is especially useful for producing complex, highly precise molds.  

The ability to tackle such molds is helped by the CNC-dedicated central processing unit, which provides fast cycle times, fast program processing and enhanced accuracy when machining.

“With the development of our dedicated CNC and CPU, our advanced gesturing models and the bigger displays, Mitsubishi is trying to listen to our customers and develop equipment to meet their needs,” Strache said.

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