Print Advertising Rates

2021 Print Rates

Ad materials are due 7 days after the close date.

Ad contracts, with the exception of covers and guaranteed positions, may be canceled by advertiser or publisher on written notice in advance of ad closing date.

Rates subject to change

Inflationary Printing Surcharge: Printing costs have been rapidly increasing since the beginning of the pandemic and have not slowed to date. In the event printing costs continue to increase, CTE may institute a printing surcharge upon billing in an effort to offset the rising costs of printing.

2021 Print Ad Specs

Material Requirements: Ads must be submitted as high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF X-1a files. CMYK color. No RGB, PMS or ICC profiles.

Insert Specifications: Insert size 8" x 103⁄4"; trim size 73⁄4" x 101⁄2". Double-spread inserts 153⁄4" x 103⁄4". Keep type, etc., at least 3⁄8" from outside edges and 1⁄2" from binding edge. Minimum weight of stock: 70-lb. text weight. Maximum weight of stock: 80-lb. cover weight. Inserts requiring backup must be furnished on white, smooth-finish, coated stock. Fold all inserts of more than two pages before shipping unless backup printing is needed.

Production Charges: Artwork and digital files that do not meet the specifications stated above will be corrected by the production department, and any production charges will be billed to the advertiser. Advertising copy to be set by the production department is not agency commissionable. Advertisers should check with the production department for cost quotes on production charges. It is preferred that all advertising material be furnished complete and at exact size. CTE reserves the right to reject incorrectly sized ads. Any resizing done by CTE will be charged to the advertiser. The publisher is not responsible for typesetting errors or space composition on any display or classified advertising set by the production department, unless a proof is requested before publication. Artwork received after the advertising deadline may incur additional costs if the late copy results in additional printing costs. Production charges start at $75 an hour.


Publication & Ad Closing Dates: Published monthly. Advertising closing is on or near the 1st of the month preceding date of issue; special sections close the 25th of the month, two months preceding date of issue.

Billing: Billing is issued on scheduled publication dates. Terms are net 30 days. A late charge of 11⁄2 percent per month will be imposed on past-due accounts. Full payment is required for all reserved space whether or not it is used. Advertising will not be accepted from delinquent accounts. In the event the advertiser and/or agency default in payment of bills, the advertiser and/or agency will be liable for all fees and sums of collection, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incurred by the publisher in the collection of said bills. The publisher reserves the right to hold advertisers and/or their advertising agencies jointly and/or solely liable for payment to the publisher regardless of any restrictions advertisers and/or their agencies add to their insertion orders and/or contracts. Jurisdiction and venue for any litigation ensuing from advertising placed in CTE shall properly lie in Cook County, Illinois.

Short Rates & Rebates: Advertisers will be short-rated if, within 1 year (12 issues) from the date of first insertion, they do not use the amount of space upon which their billings have been based. Advertisers will be rebated if, within 1 year (12 issues) from the date of first insertion, they have used sufficient additional space to warrant a lower rate than that which they have been billed.

Contract Cancellation: Contracts, with the exception of covers and guaranteed positions, may be canceled by advertiser or publisher on written notice in advance of closing date.

Publisher’s Protective Clauses: Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content and assume responsibility for any claims or fees arising therefrom against the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that does not conform to the publication’s standards. Any deliberate attempt to simulate the publication’s format is not permitted, and the publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement” with copy that, in the publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter.