MC Molds: 'We're making chips in a matter of minutes'

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August 28, 2019 - 08:30:am

Jordan Wade, a machinist at MC Molds, says Hurco's 3D Import feature “blows his mind” in regards to its ability to generate the program or the cutter path so easily when he just picks a surface.

Intended to help shops challenged by the job skills gap, 3D Import reportedly helps shops be more productive and profitable because it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and supports multiple programming methods: conversational programming; NC programming; and NC/Conversational Merge.

Jordan says AdaptiPath, which includes trochoidal milling, is another one of his favorite Hurco control features.

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Related Glossary Terms

  • gang cutting ( milling)

    gang cutting ( milling)

    Machining with several cutters mounted on a single arbor, generally for simultaneous cutting.

  • milling


    Machining operation in which metal or other material is removed by applying power to a rotating cutter. In vertical milling, the cutting tool is mounted vertically on the spindle. In horizontal milling, the cutting tool is mounted horizontally, either directly on the spindle or on an arbor. Horizontal milling is further broken down into conventional milling, where the cutter rotates opposite the direction of feed, or “up” into the workpiece; and climb milling, where the cutter rotates in the direction of feed, or “down” into the workpiece. Milling operations include plane or surface milling, endmilling, facemilling, angle milling, form milling and profiling.

  • numerical control ( NC)

    numerical control ( NC)

    Any controlled equipment that allows an operator to program its movement by entering a series of coded numbers and symbols. See CNC, computer numerical control; DNC, direct numerical control.

  • toolpath( cutter path)

    toolpath( cutter path)

    2-D or 3-D path generated by program code or a CAM system and followed by tool when machining a part.


Based on an article in Cutting Tool Engineering's June 2024 issue.

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