Xtended Length Toolholders

April 01, 2010

Rego-Fix has introduced its new program of Xtended Length (XL) toolholders. The new toolholders provide an extended reach up to 14" and are available in the ER and powRgrip product lines. The Xtended Length toolholders feature the new (patent pending) Micro-Friction-Dampening(MFD) system, which reduces holder and tool vibrations, according to the company. The extended-reach toolholders will be offered with CAT, BT, HSK and Rego-Fix CAPTO tapers in 2" increments up to a maximum length of 14". Versions of the products will be available in the ER 16, ER 32, PG10, PG15 and PG25 series of the company's toolholders.