Xcelerate X20 Automation System

September 27, 2016

Cellro offers most compact and versatile automation solution: Xcelerate X20. According to the company, Xcelerate is renowned for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, modest floor space (starting at a mere 0.8m2) and surprisingly large storage capacity. As for any Cellro product, Xcelerate is built modular, allowing for extra functions or storage modules to be added at any moment the owner deems necessary.

This high degree of modularity is integral to the Cellro brand. Each Cellro system is fully engineered to guarantee its long-term value and deliver the highest possible ROI. The days of fully customized but rigid automation are over.

To provide USA-based machining companies with local sales and service for their automation needs, Cellro partnered with ATS Systems. ATS Systems specializes in machine tool accessories and support. ATS is active in throughout the U.S., thereby introducing Cellro’s modular automation to an entirely new market. Currently, ATS Systems has five preconfigured Xcelerate systems in stock for immediate delivery.

Cellro believes that any machining process can be made more profitable through automation. It has already set a major automated footprint across Western Europe. Now, cooperating with ATS Systems, Cellro is looking forward to assist machining companies in the U.S. increase their profits with smart and affordable automation solutions.