V-308 Nanopositioning Slide

May 11, 2021
Fast Focusing Linear Slide has Nanometer Precision, High Dynamics, Maintenance-free Voice Coil Motor

PI extends its large offering of nanometer precise, fast focusing stages with the addition of its new V-308 nanopositioning slide for vertical applications providing 7mm of Z-travel and 10nm incremental motion – ideal for OEM and research applications in the life science, semiconductor, and material science fields. The novel design combines long travel with unmatched dynamics and precision with 8m/s2 acceleration and 25nm bidirectional repeatability.

Closed-Loop Linear Slide Design with Voice-Coil Motor

The closed-loop linear slide uses an optical position sensor with sub nanometer resolution and a voice coil linear motor to allow vertical (or horizontal) travel up to 7mm with a velocity up to 200mm/sec (8”/sec) for fast accurate scanning. Guided by low friction cross-roller bearings, this low-profile linear slide delivers long lasting performance in high duty cycle industrial applications. Ease-of-use is built in with a user-adjustable counterbalance, (e.g. for heavy, large NA microscope objective lenses up to 1kg in vertical applications) and hard stop adjustability to limit the travel range.

Related Glossary Terms

  • linear motor

    linear motor

    Functionally the same as a rotary motor in a machine tool, a linear motor can be thought of as a standard permanent-magnet, rotary-style motor slit axially to the center and then peeled back and laid flat. The major advantage of using a linear motor to drive the axis motion is that it eliminates the inefficiency and mechanical variance caused by the ballscrew assembly system used in most CNC machines.


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