"Trigonometry for Engineering Technology"

October 13, 2012

"Trigonometry for Engineering Technology" by Gary Powers is a 280-page book from Industrial Press Inc. The book is designed to teach the fundamentals to students new to the subject and is also useful for in-house training programs and as a self-study refresher. The text uses mechanical, civil and architectural applications to enhance its explanations of real-world scenarios, such as calculating the drill point depth to use when programming a drilling operation.

Its open format enables it to be used as a workbook either in class or for independent study. In addition to its thorough treatment of right-angle trigonometry, the text includes oblique triangle calculations and graphing of trigonometric functions. The examples in each chapter demonstrate a specific type of problem-solving procedure and are followed by practice exercises. Answers and complete solutions to the exercises are included in the appendix.

Several chapters are included to supplement the right-angle trigonometry topics, including law of sines and cosines.


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