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September 01,2010

Designed to make tapping easier, Speedaire Hand Tappers from W.W. Grainger Inc. are ideal for general-purpose tapping. Safe and efficient, they eliminate time-wasting hand tapping. The tappers feature a pneumatic high-reversal-type motor with added torque that allows the tapper to handle a range of tap sizes. The tapping cycle starts at the correct speed and reverses instantly. A quick-change toolholder provides tap changing flexibility and accepts optional clutch type tap holders. The tappers have an ergonomic pistol grip and adjustable side handle. Two models are available: the #4WXT7 (150 rpm) and the #4WXT6 (250 rpm), which comes with a muffler.

Related Glossary Terms

  • quick-change toolholder

    quick-change toolholder

    Cutter holder that permits rapid tool changes. Generally associated with automatic or semiautomatic machining operations. See toolholder.

  • tap


    Cylindrical tool that cuts internal threads and has flutes to remove chips and carry tapping fluid to the point of cut. Normally used on a drill press or tapping machine but also may be operated manually. See tapping.

  • tapping


    Machining operation in which a tap, with teeth on its periphery, cuts internal threads in a predrilled hole having a smaller diameter than the tap diameter. Threads are formed by a combined rotary and axial-relative motion between tap and workpiece. See tap.

  • toolholder


    Secures a cutting tool during a machining operation. Basic types include block, cartridge, chuck, collet, fixed, modular, quick-change and rotating.